Mo Farrah captures Gold Medals in the 2012 London Olympics

Mo Farrah makes his country proud by not only displaying stunning exhibition of pace, judgment and courage but by capturing 2 gold medals in the 2012

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World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking uttered these words as a challenge to the athletes during the opening ceremonies of the 11 day long Paralympi

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London Take A Bow As 2012 Olympics Ends

The entire world bids goodbye to London as the 2012 Olympic games came to a close last Sunday. Throughout the 16 day competition, over 10,000 athl

US Basketball Team Captured The Olympic Gold

The US basketball team captured the Olympic gold after a head-t0-head match against Spain. The Spain national team, led by Pau Gasol, made sure that t

Olympic Gold for Andy Murray

It’s been a roller coaster ride for Great Britain’s Andy Murray. After losing to Federer at the Wimbledon, he came back stronger and captured the

Olympics 2012: Most Memorable Moments

The 2012 London Olympics is almost over and just like the other Olympics, it’s filled with memorable moments that will go down in history. Here are